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Hey everyone, it has been a little while since the last rounds of additions to the NSG but I have recently finished adding several new sections to the Guide. There will be an hard update coming soon. This means that I am going to recompile the currently database and send it out as an update to all devices. This is so that will all the new content added, that the app will not have to contact the server each time it is opened to get the new info.

I am very excited about the new content. Some of the new additions in this round is:

  • A completely new and revised Imaging section (located under the learning tab). This includes:
    • Understanding MRI (with graphics)
    • MRI sequences and explanations (covers all basic sequences and describes what to look for)
      • T1, pre and post contrast
      • T2
      • GRE
      • Cisternography
      • Cine
      • MRA
      • DWI
      • STIR/FLAIR
    • Blood on MRI
    • Understanding MR Spectroscopy
    • Lesions location differential diagnoses
  • New Spine sections on Sagittal Balance
  • Pelvic incidence
  • SLIC – Subaxial Injury Classification score
  • TLICS – Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity Score
  • ETVSS – ETV success score
  • Updated Trauma references
  • Added Section on Spondylolysthesis
There are many new sections coming soon, including:
  • Exam of post-operative patients (a guide to examining patients and key points not-to-miss). Isn’t if frustrating when you send a student to examine a post-op patient and rather than giving you the important features of the exam (such as visual fields or drain output), they come back with the patients breakfast preferences or sexual habits.
  • More comprehensive spinal evaluation section.
  • METRx tube targeting guide.
  • More operative guides.
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MRI physics section

Pelvic IncidenceSagittal BalanceSLIC scoring system

STIR section for image understandingBasal Ganglia Circuitry in Learning section

Image description section showing understanding DWI